The COPA Syndrome Foundation is on a mission to discover how the COPA autoimmune disease damages the lungs, joints and other organs. Today very little is known about the disease. Our goal is to raise public awareness about this disorder and fund research and genetic testing to move forcefully toward improving treatment options and medications. We strive to offer hope, and ultimately a cure, for those suffering with the COPA Syndrome, and to support their families who carry this genetic disease.

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How is copa syndrome treated?

Patients are usually treated with medications that suppress the immune system known as immunosuppressive drugs, such as prednisone, rituximab or mycophenolate.  It is important to note that research on the syndrome is in the early stages and therefore scientist and doctors are still learning which treatments work best but one goal of this  foundation is to identify more patients so that more history and data can be compiled and shared. Talk with your doctor about available options.

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